Vinner av bildebok – skjønnlitteratur: ( FICTION Section dedicated to works of fantasy, books of tales/short stories or illustrated fairy tales)


Le Noël de Marguerite text by India Desjardins, illustrations by Pascal Blanchet

What the jury said Blanchet’s artwork draws on early to mid 20th Century Americana referencing advertising material and popular motifs of the period. Elegant and stylish, the book is consistent and integrated throughout in its visual language. Although executed with great technical skill, the visual narrative goes deeper than mere stylistic bravura. It is the artist’s exceptional command of light and atmosphere that takes the book beyond the merely fashionable. The story of loneliness and melancholy is developed through glimpses of interior and exterior worlds and the powerful visual resonance of everyday objects and empty spaces. The central character’s emotional journey is illuminated throughout by gentle shafts of light, both natural and man-made. The book exudes warmth without ever falling into sentimentality. The narrative takes place to a backdrop of silently falling snow that gradually fades away as we reach conclusion. Carefully considered patterned endpapers enclose and wrap the book, completing the understated Christmas message. The excellence of concept, design and execution convinced the Jury that this was the outstanding book in the Fiction category.

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Vinnar av sakprosa – (NON FICTION Section dedicated to informational publications regarding every area of knowledge useful to learning such as science, history, art, music, biography, and recent events/subjects)

Majn Alef Beif text by Jehoszue Kamiński, illustrations by Urszula Palusińska Zydowskie Stowarzyszenie Czulent, Krakow, 2012

What the jury said A stunningly produced alphabet of Yiddish poems, this book instantly united the Jury as the outright winner for the Non-Fiction category. The strikingly muscular imagery is executed in a manner that is reminiscent of woodblock printing, featuring bold, flat colour and crude surface texture. Each spread is beautifully designed in terms of weight and distribution of shapes on the page. This is a striking, graphically literate work that is both modern and traditional in feel. The large scale of the book perfectly accommodates the drama of its contents and every aspect of its production has been given the utmost attention.

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Vinnar av – Ny horisont (NEW HORIZONS A special recognition reserved to the publishing industry in the Arab countries, Latin America, Asia and Africa – all offering ideas and food for thought of great innovation)

La chica de polvo text and illustrations by Jung Yumi

What the jury said
This powerful, silent visual sequence is in the form of the book version of an animated film. Its compelling black and white imagery quietly tells the story of an apparently ordinary life in intense detail. Tiny moments in time are described across numerous pages, slowed down almost to a standstill with scrupulous attention to the most apparently insignificant of everyday objects. The author sustains the same level of intense focus throughout this epic journey, convincing the Jury that this is a work of exceptional creative ambition.

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Debutantprisen: – (OPERA PRIMA – A new permanent section dedicated to artists’ first works)

Norsk vinner: – Halens Historie text by Yulia Horst, illustrations by Daria Rychkova – utgitt på Cappelen Damm

What the jury said
The Jury felt that this was an astonishingly mature and culturally literate debut. The book explores the proposal, ‘what the world would be like if we all had tails?’ Every aspect of life and relationships is explored in relation to this theme. Lovers gently and coyly entwine their tails, athletes build up their tail muscles in the gym while punks carefully groom theirs into the requisite spikey shapes. The artist skips between colour and black and white, drawing with an eye for anecdotal detail human interaction.

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Dagbladet skriver;Hva om alle mennesker hadde hale? Forbilledlig bildebok. Hva om….»-bøker finnes det massevis av i barnelitteraturen. De er gjerne bygget rundt ett enkelt spørsmål av typen småbarnsforeldre må svare på daglig, i alle fall hvis barna er av den nysgjerrige sorten.

Det som for voksne framstår som en annerledes og kreativ idé, kan for de yngste være en helt naturlig ting å spørre om. Og nettopp derfor et glimrende utgangspunkt for en spennende barnebok.