Kids today are raised with clay and Playdoh, but the children of tomorrow will have a vastly more sophisticated tool available to turn the stuff of their imaginations into something they can touch. How will these children of tomorrow learn just what 3-D printing can do? LEO The Maker Prince is a new book by designer Carla Diana that aims to inspire a new generation of makers.

Published by Maker Media, Inc, LEO The Maker Prince owes a debt to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 children’s classic, The Little Prince. «When I set out to write a book sharing my own excitement about the future of 3-D printing, I thought about what a strong impact certain books have had on my life,» says Diana. «The Little Prince stood out to me, particularly for its message about creativity and keeping an open mind.»

The book has also got a heck of a great hook: If a kid has access to a 3-D printer, he or she can download files to print out the characters of LEO The Maker Prince. In fact, readers as far away as the Netherlands and Shanghai have already started uploading photos of figures they printed from LEO The Maker Prince online.