It’s like a beautiful, clever, interactive documentary, and although it stumbles a bit due to some technical issues, the end result is a wonderful, if sometimes aggravating, experience that I’d recommend to anyone.

Type: Rider takes you on a journey through the history of typography in which you play as two balls that likely represent a colon, but could also be an umlaut, I suppose. The game is broken up into ten worlds, each one representing a particular era and using a particular font as a theme. The levels themselves are primarily composed of letters from that font, and you’ll need to roll and jump your way through them while picking up letters of the alphabet and asterisks. Upon picking up an asterisk, you’ll unlock some reading material that fills you in on some of the history connected to that particular world’s font and era. Somewhat ironically, the spacing of the text in these readings is sometimes messed up, and typographical errors abound. Nevertheless, the readings are interesting and informative, so I can forgive a few misplaced apostrophes and spaces.