InfiniScroll breaks the rules of linear storytelling by creating a never ending magical visual exploration of the wonderful drawings by Francesco Chiacchio.

Here are few ways to play with InfiniScroll:

* let the randomness create endless storyboards giving parents (and children) a jumpstart on inspired storytelling! Play funky sounds by tapping on some areas of the drawings

* lock the drawings you like, then go back and add your own voice! You can later save your story as a movie!

* record a short sentence for each drawing (even add a rhyme) and observe what happens when they are played back in random order. You can record sound effects, describe what you see or tell a piece of a bigger story.

* take turns with your children or their friends each recording one sentence per drawing and see how the story unfolds!

* use the available recording sets to store multiple voices and different stories

* creative parents can use the random nature of the app to create new bedtime stories every night –