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A Grown-Up Library, With A Built-In Slide For Kids

«A lot of architects get a bad rep for being narcissistic control freaks with a Randian complex–people who exert their “vision” and expertise over their clients. That said, occasionally utterly reasonable architects actively try to involve clients in the design process. Because you never know. Sometimes a client might have, you know, a fun idea.

Such was the case with the Panorama House, a hillside home in Yangcheong-ri, Korea, that’s surprising in more ways than one. Designed by up-and-coming Seoul-based architect Moon Hoon, the quirky house is a thoughtful collaboration between its designer and its future residents. The latter laid out their ideas: Mainly they wanted to split up the organization of the house so that the parents get half and the children get the other half. Moon responded to those ideas with his own. He gave the adults their space and the kids an autonomous fun zone. (Teaser: There’s a slide involved.)» Fra bloggen Co.Design