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La Fugue

Følgende kortfilmer fikk jeg sett når jeg var i Berlin en uke under filmfestivalen. Først vil jeg trekke frem filmen «La Fugue» som fikk «PRIZES OF THE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM JURY»


Om filmen:

A detention centre for young offenders in Marseille. Lakdar, a committed young social worker is looking for Sabrina, one of the young people in his care. Today the court will pronounce judgement on Sabrina’s past offences. At first she doesn’t want to go and then they are delayed. It’s getting late, but Lakdar is confident that things will work out. Sabrina is not so sure – she doesn’t even know what would be good for her. She needs more time and takes it. Lakdar refuses to give in. Their journey through suburban Marseille is an excursion into another world.


Og ikke minst filmen Misterio by Chema García Ibar som var en av «BERLIN SHORT FILM NOMINEE FOR THE EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS 2013»


Om filmen

They say that if you put your ear to the back of his neck, you can hear the Virgin speak. Mother, father and son. The trio is heading for a crisis in which understanding is only one way of not listening to each other. As in the tradition of Spanish painting à la Velázquez, there is more to the image than meets the eye.

Apes as Family

En annen kortfilm å bite seg merke i er «Apes as Family«. En film som krever mye av den som ser. Veldig bra film.


Om filmen

Chimpanzees live very different lives; some grow up in jungles, others in laboratories, in domesticity, or in zoos. This means they all have very different needs and behavioural patterns. But they all love television. Primate Cinema: Apes as Family is the first ever drama created and produced with an audience of chimps in mind. It’s all about the essential issues in a chimp’s life: sex, food, territorial struggles and politics. The film is presented to chimpanzees at Edinburgh Zoo and also to a female chimp living with humans. Reasonably interested in the goings-on, she settles down on bed to watch the film in comfort. The chimpanzees at the zoo are also intrigued; they come and go and at times become very excited indeed by some of the things they see on TV.

Kwaku Ananse

Filmen «Kwaku Ananse» var en film som var vanskelig tilgjengelig for meg. Den bygger på blant annet afrikanske sagn som jeg ikke kjenner. Stort å treffe filmregissør Akosua Adoma Owusu som etter filmen forklarte hva hun hadde tenkt.


Om filmen

Kwaku Ananse is a traditional West African fable about a male spider who spends years collecting all the world’s wisdom in a wooden container. When he tries to hide the container up a tree he can’t find a way to transport it high enough into the branches. His little son, Ntikuma, shows him what to do which infuriates him so much Kwaku Ananse throws the container down onto the ground. It breaks and the collected wisdom seeps away. Everyone rushes over, hoping to salvage what they can.
Nyan Koronhwea returns to her father Kwaku Ananse’s native Ghana for his funeral. They lost contact long ago. But she is not entirely resentful of her father’s double life with one family in Ghana and another in the United States. Overwhelmed by the funeral, she retreats into the spirit world in search of Kwaku Ananse. Carrying her ambivalent emotions with her into the forest, she learns an ultimate truth about human relationships.


Filmen Treffit (The Date) by Jenni Toivoniemi fikk Special Mention i klassen for «PRIZES OF THE YOUTH JURY IN THE COMPETITION GENERATION 14PLUS». En søt, kort film for unge mennesker.



Om filmen

Two young people cross paths in an unusual situation. Before you know it, a common procedure develops into an unconventional date. We were convinced by the film’s ability to tell us far more than it showed. It presented us with a humorous interaction that didn’t immediately reveal the complexity of its themes. The multi-layered meanings of the film stayed with us long after we left the cinema.