Jeg leser bokanmeldelser på mammablogger fordi jeg er en smule opptatt av babylit for tiden. Underlig fokus, artig og kanskje tilfører det litteraturen et nytt perspektiv? Slik kom jeg over årets bok-app.  Denne må prøves.

Citrus Suite recently completed ‘Wreck This App’ on iPad and iPhone for Penguin Books USA. Wreck This App is the studio’s interpretation of Keri Smith’s bestselling book Wreck This Journal. It’s already been reviewed in some great places – USA Today and the Wired Magazine. Wreck This App allows users to get creative, inspired by a series of prompts from Keri Smith. Users can draw, doodle, paint, edit photos and lots more. You can make great art with the app…

Usa today skriver: –  Wreck This Journal, a best-selling «hands-on» journal by Keri Smith that jump starts budding artists’ creativity through destruction — everything from painting and scribbling to dripping and tearing — is getting a new lease on life as an app. This week, Wreck This App is available for download through the iTunes Store.

The 2007 Wreck This Journal sold more than 400,000 copies. Wreck This App, an interactive adaptation of Smith’s book, isn’t the first drawing and painting app but it is different