Jeg har nu testet ut en del barnebøker på Ipad, les her for å se dem  … Jeg har vel sett igjennom det meste som man bør se igjennom, trur eg. For ca 1 år siden skrev jeg om det i Bok og bibliotek. Jeg mener vel fremdeles at vi finner det beste i ytlandet.

Min favoritt for tiden er Alvin Pang av Endre Lund Eriksen:

– «Hvorfor har mamma det bestandig så travelt med å legge Alvin? Hva er det hun og Freddy driver med når Alvin har sovnet? I kveld skal han finne det ut. Når mamma tror han har sovnet, sniker Alvin seg opp og spionerer på mamma og Freddy. Og han får seg litt av en overraskelse … »

Boken for de som kan lese litt: – Kaja og Stine og sjokoladetyvene. En spennende historie som til og med har en Quiz bakerst i boken. Gleden er stor når man oppnår en pokal for å ha svart rett.

Stine og Kaja får en ny sak! Denne gangen er jentene på besøk i godteributikken da de til sin store forskrekkelse oppdager to butikktyver. Som ikke det var nok, så er en av tyvene Stines bror!
Skal de fortelle de voksne hva de har sett? Det er jo å sladre! Eller skal de late som ingenting?

Eventyr som app. Prinsessa som ingen kunne målbinde, med musikk. Meget gjennkjennelig for de som går i småskolen, denne har de hørt mange ganger før. Mange vanskelig ord.

«Prøv de første sidene av boken gratis, og bestem deg deretter om du vil oppgradere appen og få tilgang til hele historien! «Prinsessa som ingen kunne målbinde» er en morsom barnebok med musikk på hver eneste side. Historien fortelles fritt etter Asbjørnsen og Moe.»

Jeg mener vel fremdeles at vi finner det beste i ytlandet:

Fra Guardian: – The digital marketplace is now crowded. The 20 titles on the award’s shortlist have been selected from over 250 entries from more than 25 countries across the world. Coming from the biggest players, including Disney, as well as startup companies such as the UK’s own Nosy Crow – which has just picked up three awards at the prestigious IPG awards, including Children’s publisher of the year – they reflect the exponential growth of innovative storytelling using smarter, brighter, faster tools.

Alphabeast by James Kelleher

Alphabeast is a flash card app for kids based on Chris Judge’s award-winning children’s book, The Lonely Beast. Chris has created 26 new interactive hand-drawn scenes featuring the Beast and his friends, to help kids learn the alphabet, discover new words and have heaps of fun all at the same time. From (fully playable) musical instruments and dancing robots, to spinning bow ties and laughing monkeys, this is a very hands-on journey through the alphabet. To demonstrate our commitment to cutting edge technology, the app also includes a fully operational virtual light switch. Put together in a shed at the end of a garden, the three-man team in charge of Alphabeast have created a uniquely designed and illustrated app, sure to trigger lots of giggles in children of all ages.

Another Monster at the End of This Book by Callaway Digital Arts

In an equally rousing sequel to The Monster at the End of This Book (print edition, 1971; app version, 2011) Elmo drags a reluctant Grover through one page after another toward a second “monster.”  Blithely ignoring his blue buddy’s “Not again! I simply cannot handle another monster right now. I get very worked up by books about monsters,” little Elmo chivvies him along. Meanwhile, he coaxes readers with both specific instructions for proceeding and, if a tap or swipe is not forthcoming, a more imperative “Turn the page!” The episode was made for interactive and animated enhancements, and to the 1996 print edition the designers have added a full slate.

Bartleby’s Book of Buttons Vol. 2 by Monster Costume, Inc¨

Join Bartleby on his new adventure to find the Button at the Bottom of the Sea! Meet new characters and visit some old ones too! Like Volume 1, the Far Away Island, Bartleby is on a mission to add buttons to his growing collection. Push buttons, switch switches, tap tubes, turn knobs, rotate the iPad and iPhone to help Bartleby in his journey! Remember, every page is a puzzle that must be solved! So pay close attention to the text and hints Bartleby gives you!

Being Global by SachManya LLC and Little Pickle Press

An interactive, multi-media, and bilingual app kit for parents and educators to teach children about the goodness in exploring, appreciating, and respecting other children’s traditions, religions, and values the world over.  Have you ever visited the pyramids? Do you like sushi? Can you say hello in Swahili? Discover what it means to be global in this whimsically-drawn and thoughtfully-told aniated and interactive story that also includes game play. Learn the goodness in exploring, appreciating, and respecting other children’s traditions, religions, and values the world over.

Bobo Explores Light by Game College

★ «If you have an 8-10 year-old telling you science is boring, buy them this app and watch them eat their words.» – The Guardian
★ «Absolutely amazing!» – MacLife
★ «Bobo Explores Light will illuminate your iPad learning.» – Wired
★ «It charmed the pants off me” – Fast Co. Design
★ «My kids (and I) give this app an enthusiastic endorsement!» – The iPhone Mom
★ «Cons: Not a thing.» – The Mac Observer

Winner of the KAPi Award 2011 for Best Children’s App for Older Kids, CTR Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design, and App Tudes’ Best Kids’ App of 2011. Selected among best kids’ apps of 2011 by The New York Times and USA Today.

Bizzy Bear on the Farm by Nosy Crow Limited

Meet Bizzy Bear, a very busy little bear! Based on the popular Bizzy Bear board book series, this app offers an original story and lets toddlers help Bizzy with his chores as they explore everything there is to see and do on the farm.  With charming illustrations by Benji Davies, exciting animation and original music, there’s lots for you to do!

Dans Mon Reve by e-Toiles Editions

Racontées par TOM NOVEMBRE, les histoires à découvrir sont multiples (8000 combinaisons possibles ! ): l’enfant crée une image, il recrée une petite histoire, il crée un texte, il recrée une illustration ! Drôle, étrange et délicieusement onirique… Une création originale, écrite et illustrée par STÉPHANE KIEHL, pour les enfants à partir de 3 ans

Fantovolieri HD by Gioia Marchegiani and Tutti I diritti riservati

★★★ Best 20 App al Concorso Internazionale BolognaRagazzi Digital Award 2012 ★★★

★★★ Da mesi tra le prime 10 App italiane più richieste nella categoria Libri ★★★

★★★ Musica originale realizzata appositamente per l’App ★★★

Dall’omonimo libro scritto e illustrato da Gioia Marchegiani ed edito da Edizioni Gribaudo, un viaggio interattivo nel fantastico mondo dei Fantavolieri. Da esplorare, leggere, ascoltare e naturalmente… giocare

Go Away, Big Green Monster by Night and Day Studios

Ed Emberley’s beloved and best-selling book comes to mobile! Cleverly diecut with bold colors and overlapping pages, Go Away, Big Green Monster! is an entertaining book that turns scary into silly, and empowers kids to take control of their fears. This interactive app builds upon the book experience by progressively revealing (and then removing) each piece of the Big Green Monster– putting all the power in the child’s hands. Add the Monster’s eyes, hair, ears, nose; poke him to see what he does and watch him as he comes to life… but don’t get scared!

Going to Bed Book, The, by Sandra Boynton by Loud Crow Interactive

Preserving the look of the classic board book—even to the trim size and rounded corners—this makeover folds new into old in such inventive ways that it may take more than a few passes to discover all the interactive features. Aboard a ship that rocks in response to a tilt of the tablet a set of animal passengers bounce belowdecks. First they take a bath featuring user-created bubbles, and then they brush their teeth using water so hot that the whole screen hazes up with wipe-able “steam.” Pajama-clad, all then wobble—or, tweaked by a finger, rocket—back outside for a bit of exercise before bed. (Readers control this part by twirling the moon.) In the finest animation of all, every touch of the night sky in the final scene brings a twinkling star into temporary being

Il MostroPino e Crea il tuo Mostro – Libro Gioco Animato by Stefano Bruscolini

“Il MostroPino” è una applicazione che stupisce per l’alto livello artistico e qualitativo della produzione, merito delle splendide illustrazioni di Elena Prette, giovane ma già internazionalmente affermata illustratrice italiana e dell’esperienza di Stefano Bruscolini, autore e regista già Art Director e Manager dei servizi creativi di importanti canali televisivi per bambini in Italia.

It’s a Small World by Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

Featuring the original Sherman Brothers’ song lyrics, this simple, poetic story encourages kids to meet new people, explore new places, and discover that it’s a small world, after all. You’ll span the globe, traveling over snowy Russian hilltops, across sunny African plains, and through deep ocean waters. Rich, surprising interactivity brings each new destination to life. Plus, a special sing-along feature lets kids to join in the musical celebration

La Forêt Mes Premieres Decouvertes by Gallimard Jeunesse

Développée en partenariat avec l’Office National des Forêts, la forêt est la dernière née des applications de la célèbre collection Mes premières découvertes. Cette application d’éveil documentaire permet à l’enfant de découvrir le monde de la forêt de manière interactive

Land of Me Storytime, The by Penguin/Made in Me

★ Create your own stories by choosing the hero, the theme and how it ends then see it come alive before your eyes!
★ Change the words to instantly alter the storyline as it plays out in front of you
★ Designed by child development experts for young children to explore their creativity
★ On-screen hints offering endless ideas for discussion and things to do
★ Listen as Granny Olive, a turtle of indeterminable age, tells tales about wolves, bravery and things that go bump in the night!
★ Be on the lookout for more apps from The Land of Me series!

Not Without Bear by Anna Grossnickle Hines, created by Appropo

Ride the wild ponies! Trip around the world! Find the lost children! Audrey loves to play her favorite games and never without her best friend, Bear. But when bedtime comes Bear is nowhere to be found! Where can he be? In this interactive story young readers help Audrey ride on Mama’s bike, giddy-up on Daddy’s back, find the toys she’s hidden in the bushes, and search the house for the missing Bear, before being tucked in for the night. Toy baskets spill, pillows move, quilts lift, cupboards open, revealing more adventures. Silly sound effects, bouncing and movable objects, and a kitty hiding on every page add to the fun of this ten page story book. Musical tunes can be turned off or replayed and children can listen to the story or choose «read it myself», touching individual words to hear them aloud if they need help.

Numberlys, by Moonbot Studios LA LLC

Numberlys presents a fanciful depiction of the origins of the alphabet and is the newest interactive epic from Moonbot Studios, the creators of The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. Numberlys is a story App celebration of the early fantasy epics King Kong, Metropolis and Flash Gordon with a dollop of the Marx Brothers, a splash of the Fleischer Studios technicolor Superman and a little bit of the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

Phantom Clickerist, The by Adding

GREAT APP… kids will love the cartoon-like illustrations, acid colors, movements and sounds which are just INSANE!» – apps4kids «THE PHANTOM CLICKERIST feels fresh, funky, original and slick. The illustrations are mad, as are the acid-house colours, and the animation and interactive elements are superb.» – The Literary Platform

Quem Soltou o Pum? by Companhia das Letras

O grande sucesso da editora Companhia das Letrinhas agora virou livro interativo. Nesta versão, as trapalhadas do cachorro chamado Pum ganham vida, permitindo que as crianças comandem seus movimentos, mexam nos objetos que ele derrubou, puxem-no de debaixo da cama de seu dono, acendam e apaguem a luz do abajur, liguem a máquina de lavar roupa, toquem a descarga, coloquem o bolo na boca da tia Clotilde, entre muitos outros movimentos e sons

Stella and Sam Storypack by zinc Roe

“Stella and Sam are adorable to begin with. And this is just an ideal use of an iPad. It’s a great idea — part animated storyteller and part games. It’s very clever and super beautiful. More immersive and better wrought than anything I’ve seen. My three and five year old kids are completely charmed.» – App Store Reviewer

Timo and the Magical Picture Book by Books2Download

Timo receives a picture book made by his Uncle Nick. It’s a very special book, because once you open it, you will be inside it. But you’re not supposed to shake the book, otherwise everything will get completely mixed up. A truly amazing and hilarious app, which you won’t resist shaking! Make plates fall from the cupboard or see how mother bakes a cake in the washing machine.