Både når det gjelder de unge: – British youngsters are ditching Dickens, Shakespeare and Keats for Facebook and Twitter, with one in six failing to read a single book in a month, according to a survey. The poll, which questioned 18,141 children aged eight to 17, also showed less than half of youngsters choose to read a book outside of class at least once a month. Instead, children’s exposure to the written word arises mostly from sending messages via texting, emails, and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

og oss som har vært online en stund: – A large number of literate westerners spend most of their waking hours at computers, and those computers are connected to the web. The characteristic activity on such a computer has been given the pleasing name “wilfing”, adapted from the acronym WWILF, or “What was I looking for?” You work a bit. You check if it’s your move in Facebook Scrabble. You get an email. You answer it. You get a text. You answer it. Since your phone’s in your hand, you play Angry Birds for five minutes. You work a bit. You go online to check something, get distracted by a link, forget what you were looking for, stumble on a picture of a duck that looks like Hitler, share it on Twitter, rinse and repeat.