Etter & ha bodd i Italia, både som barn og voksen, er gleden like stor hver gang jeg se en kunstnerisk italiensk bildebok. Kom over denne pærlen av en bok ….  fra mitt favorittforlag i Italia. Forlaget som legger ut de nye bøkene som Pdf på nett ….  nyt den …

Il grande Alfredo» author Spider 

After Patch Adams and Miloud, meet the Great Alfredo. A scrupulous scientist of laughter, he never stops working on his jokes and gags. He loves his audience and wants to make them happy. He measures his success by the number of smiles he can raise, and by the decibels of the laughter. And there’s always a deafening din under the circus top. Happy to make others happy, he is loved the world over. Then comes a serious accident. Stuck in his hospital bed, he loses neither his cheerfulness nor his imagination. He comes up with new numbers and new sketches. But all at once, a sense of discouragement seems to get the better of him… Is it possible to be cured by laughter? From Spider’s acrobatic pencil comes the incredible story of a clown doctor. One who puts illness in a daze with his cheerfulness. A book for people who love. And people who love bring laughter to others who love