Jeg leser og fordyper meg i elitistiske bildebøker. Det finnes ikke noe mer givende her i livet, enn å nyte en bildebok. Boken «Sometimes I Think Sometimes I Am» er en pærle. Man blir ikke ferdig med den på noen måter. Bok inni bok inni bok ….

‘Fanelli’s originality has brought a breath of fresh air to the world of picture books . . . with an off-beat humour and an inventive approach to everything from page design and typography, to choice of materials’The Guardian

Fra  The Book Depository; Award-winning artist and illustrator Sara Fanelli is one of the world’s foremost illustrators, renowned for her experimental techniques that have spawned many imitators. Her unique contribution to book illustration is evident in such memorable books as «Dear Diary» (‘one of the most extraordinary picture books ever devised’ – «The independent»; ‘an eccentric masterpiece’ – «The Guardian»), «Mythological Monsters» (‘a model of artistic engagement’ – «Kirkus Reviews») and «My Map Book» (‘an exhilarating and liberating book for all’ – «The Guardian»). More recently she illustrated «The New Faber Book of Children’s Verse and Pinocchio» (for the cover of which she was awarded first prize in the V&A Illustration Awards). Fanelli’s inspiration lies not only in the visual arts but also in literature and the theatre. «Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Am» is a remarkable creation by the artist, in which Fanelli takes the quotations and aphorisms that inspire her work, from Dante and Goethe to Calvino and Beckett, and places them in the context of a completely original artistic creation – sketchbooks, collages, paintings and drawings – at the heart of which lies a beautiful miniature book-within-a-book. The book opens with a newly commissioned text from Steven Heller, while Marina Warner introduces each of the five ‘chapters’ – ‘Devils and Angels’, ‘Love’, ‘Colour’, ‘Myth’ and ‘The Absurd’ – that make up this unique work. This is a book that will be enjoyed by anyone alert to the possibilities of what a book can be. It will be treasured, collected and marvelled at for years to come.