Det er alltid noen bøker som skiller seg ut, noen alle snakker om. Jeg har funnet frem til 3 ulike bøker det er verd & lese.

Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins

Fra forfatterens  blogg: «This coming-of-age novel  takes place against the political and military backdrop of modern-day Burma. Narrated by two fifteen-year-old boys on opposing sides of the conflict between the Burmese government and the Karenni, one of the many ethnic minorities in Burma, Bamboo People explores the nature of violence, power, and prejudice.»

Hun skriver på bloggen sin en del om Burma, hvor hun skrev boken osv …

Meanwhile: Pick Any Path av Jason Shiga

«Meanwhile» begins as our young hero in dire need of a bathroom, knocks on the door of a mysterious recluse. His mansion is in fact a wonderous laboratory filled with amazing inventions: A mind reading helmet, a doomsday device and a time travel machine (although it can only go back ten minutes).

Which invention will young Jimmy play with? YOU, the reader get to decide in my branchiest and most complex interactive comic to date. «Meanwhile» works via a network of tubes connecting each panel to the next. Sometimes these tubes split in two giving the readers a choice of which path they would like to follow. Sometimes these tubes even lead off the page and onto tabs sticking out from other parts of the book.

The Boys By Jeff Newman

This wordless picture book tells the story of a quiet boy working to overcome his shyness and finding the courage to play baseball with the other kids in the park… With the help of a few old timers from the nearby park bench, our boy is coaxed out of his shell and into the game. Beautifully illustrated, this is the story about the young finding out how much fun it is to live life… And the old finding out how much life there still is to love.