Da jeg var i Belgia fikk jeg en kikke-, lese- & høytlesningsbok laget av Barnebokinstituttet i Belgia. Jeg ble inte mindre enn imponert. Boken heter «Voor nu en nog heel lang» Den består av det  ypperste fra den Belgiske barnelitteratur.

Reading Association and the Centre for Children’s Literature»

To be honest, we at the Reading Association and the Centre for Children’s Literature don’t only think of all of the above as our job. It’s more than an occupation; it’s a passion. A passion we love to share.

At the Reading Association, we adore stories and books of all kinds. We love to share our passion with everyone and in fact, we’d like to get the whole of Flanders, young and old, into reading. That’s why, each year in March, we organise Children’s Book Week, which precedes Reading Aloud Week in November. For that reason we join the youngest reading enthusiasts in the Children’s Jury. Because of our mission we have created and developed Fahrenheit451 and the Book Quest site for young people in vocational and technical education. Since we want to entice everyone to read, we’ve set up, a website which allows readers of all ages to exchange their favourite book tips. And that is also why we have developed Bookstart. The earlier you start reading the better, so at present, there are books and library packages available in 10 towns, but soon we hope to make them available for parents and their babies all over the country.

Our dedication exceeds the possibilities of the Reading Association so we have joined hands with people in schools, libraries, day-care centres, the book profession, and the media. With them,we develop ideas and projects. To widen our scope and to keep track of trends we exchange ideas and expertise with our international partners and occasionally adapt some of their ideas to the Flemish context. Together with specialists and researchers we organise conferences and workshops.

Within the Reading Association the Centre for Children’s Literature cherishes and focuses on children’s literature. This centre of expertise possesses a subject library of over six thousand titles. The centre also hosts the Book Quest site for children. The website publishes news from the world of children’s books and provides hundreds of author profiles. The Centre for Children’s Literature organises trainings for (aspiring) teachers, librarians, and other children’s books aficionados. All this is funded by the Ministry of the Flemish Government. However, the Flemish Literature Fund also provides for the Centre for Children’s Literature.