Fra bloggen til Monsieur Bandit

We have some very interesting children’s books illustrators in Belgium. Today I want to show you the work of a young but prolific author with a name unpronounceable in English. (Pieter is easy enough, sounds just like Peter, but that “G” at the beginning of his surname, you just don’t have that sound in the English language, as far as I know… And since I don’t know how to write that weird phonetic-writing-stuff… Tell you what: try this… “COW-the-SUB-BOWS”. Mmmmm….not quite. But close enough.) 

Mr. Cowthesubbows not only illustrates, he often writes his own books and even designs them himself. When you see his books you understand why that is necessary, since not only his illustrations (or photography) but also the typography and overall design are an integral part of the storytelling. His debut book “Roodlapje” (2003) is a good example of this. It immediately won him the Boekenpluim-award.

(The title ‘”Roodlapje” comes from “Roodkapje” which is what we call Little Red Riding Hood. It could be translated as “Little Red Riding Cloth”, but that would make no sense, so never mind…)