Vel … ja. Jeg lover jeg aldri skal si noe fælt om bøkene dine i fremtiden …. jeg lover …. ! Denne bok kjøpte jeg i Belgia i romjula. Jeg var fasinert, men ikke overbevist. Jeg får ta en ny titt.

The International Jury has decided to award the Illustration Prize of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair/Fundación SM to the work of Philip Giordano, an artist who moves masterfully between the cultural idioms of the past with their graceful alchemy of the most delicate pictorial allusions, and a refined present from which the artist draws his citations of great moments of modern art.

We recognize in Giordano’s work hidden elements echoing what was called the Italian Anti-Renaissance, but conjoined with the last 30 years of illustration that have led to a new definition of the ‘Fantastic’ in art. Giordano’s work is full of pictorial material containing elements from Surrealism to Pop Art and using them as elegant ornamentation. In this way, the artist appropriates the history of intense and provocative graphics as he searches for a valid and original artistic language