Som performance-artist med ord, kanskje jeg ikke skulle ha sluttet … vi er mange, hvem kunne vite?

Fra Guardian

In the beginning was the word, but when did it get so damn trendy? The third London Word festival kicked off yesterday in (stock epithet alert) «London’s vibrant East End» and judging by the press coverage, it’s a must-attend event. Even Grazia, a publication not known for its literary pretensions, gave it the thumbs up in this week’s issue – much to the organisers’ bemusement.

Of course, the growth of literary festivals is a well-documented phenomenon, with more than 60 listed on the British Council website and 100-plus over at But the London Word festival doesn’t call itself a literature, books or even readers’ event. Instead, it aims to be a celebration of words and a test of their limits «in performance».

Which is to day, the word takes centre stage. This could mean listening to a quartet of crime authors accompanied by 2009 Mercury-nominated jazz ensemble Led Bib. Or stand-up comedian Robin Ince waxing scientific alongside Professor Brian Cox, whose Wonders of the Solar System pulled in 2m viewers to BBC2 this week.