Tankene bak leseåret i England 2008 som ble åpnet av Statsministeren:

“Reading is the best ladder out of poverty” –  Reading as a tool of social justice –   Gordon Brown, Prime Minister

Why a 2008 Year of Reading?

Already had a Year of Reading in 1998 

but still some negative associations with the idea of being a ‘reader’    

Reading landscape has changed through new media

Work still to be done: Targeting reluctant readers, especially boys, demonstrating the value of reading to young people as a way to extend their life chances

 Ambitions of the National Year of Reading in England:

To promote reading in the family and beyond

To encourage reading for both purpose and pleasure as a means of improving learning, achievement and individual prospects

To develop new techniques to attract more people to start reading, or to improve their reading skills

To target those areas of the population with a higher than average proportion of poor or non-readers

The vision

 A society liberated from narrow views about what reading is and isn’t

A society that understands that ‘everything begins with reading’ and that to read is to be equipped for life

A culture where reading is at the heart of life